Teachers Bag of Tricks

Teacher's Bag of Tricks | Ideal For Lessons & Classroom Fun Over 100 Activities


This ‘Bag of Tricks’ is designed to equip teachers/staff with an array of basic activities that build team spirit and develop individuals.


** Over 80 different activities on the following;**


  • Icebreakers
  • Team building exercises
  • Classroom Energisers
  • Issue based
  • Communicating
  • Team
  • Reviewing techniques


The majority of these activities are used during the team building stage, however, team building activities may also be used for team dynamics and maintaining the team spirit.

Team building activities are used to generate evidence for personal development. Each of the activities have symbols which aid the leader in structuring a programme that builds on development opportunities for the individuals.


Physical activities, often outdoors, do not tend to generate written evidence. The use of photos and videos give evidence of participation. Staff should encourage the use of diaries, log books and flip charts for planning, doing and reviewing, with the focus on the evidence required for Profiles of Achievements/Personal Skills Profile and GCSE/NVQ/SVQ Key/Core Skill units.


Some Fun Classroom Energisers you may find useful - for both student and adults. Classroom teachers can integrate movement based activities to energize a group or enhances opportunities for brain breaks and classroom energizers.

Classroom teachers can integrate movement-based activities to energize a group after lunch or to relax and calm a class before a test, after lunch or at the end of the day. There are many names for physical activity breaks such as brain breaks, energizers, and brain boosters and Each energiser lasts between 5-25 minutes and are great team build activities

Teachers Bag of Tricks Ideal For Lessons & Classroom Fun Over 100 Activities
Teacher's Bag of Tricks | Ideal For Lessons & Classroom Fun Over 100 Activities
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