Lose Weight And Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is designed to tap into the fight-flight cycle that activates the sympathetic nervous system

Losing weight can be a difficult process - with weight loss pills and some commercial weight reducing programmes focusing upon restricting what you eat, rather than considering how you eat, or what you think about the food you are putting into your body.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is designed to tap into the fight-flight cycle that activates the sympathetic nervous system

Enjoy your life as a non-smoking free breather!

You want to stop smoking because it’s a very unhealthy and expensive habit. Chances are you’ve already tried a variety of ways to stop smoking, but you’re still struggling. You may even have stopped before, but whether it’s been for a few days or for several months, somehow the smoking habit has crept back and you’ve found yourself back there, puffing away again on your “cancer sticks”. Why does this keep happening?


Please note; 

 Our Hypnosis MP3 Audio's does not guarantee the effectiveness of treatment in any individual cases. It is important to understand that Hypnosis MP3 Audio's and the other associated techniques are not a 'magic pill'.

This Hypnosis MP3 Audio's requires that the individuals be committed to change and be prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality. These are designed to help you gain the most benefit and not doing these is likely to reduce the effectiveness of your results.

There is, of course, a considerable variation in the difficulty of the various problems and there is no general rule which makes it possible to say how much improvement can be achieved and in how much time.


Barry Joyce

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